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Overcaffeinated chronicles the adventure of reluctant hero, Nicky Blade. He leads a carefree, laid back Caribbean lifestyle as a coffee explorer. His ex-girlfriend describes him as, "One part pirate, one part businessman, with a dash of gentleman thrown in. Your life's been shaken, and you're always strained." Nicky's warrior past provides the knowledge and ability to deal with men that do the world harm. His integrity and loss push him forward.


About Dale Thomas

Dale Thomas is the author of Overcaffeinated and his current work, in progress, The Twelfth Cave. Like many authors, his writing experience began in high school. His style, embraced by students, but rejected by yearbook administration, described his football and basketball's team's poor records in a more realistic way; in many contests, they snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. In one writing contest, judges admitted his was the best sports article, and actually made the judges laugh, but for appearance sake, they felt the need to award top prize to a more traditional writer.



A rattling picture frame on the table startled Nicky awake. A quick head to toe body check for aches, and pains revealed a little stiffness in his lower back, but otherwise he felt good. He wiped the crust from his eyes, and felt the gentle breeze from the ceiling paddle fan.

And my high school football coach said nothing good ever happens after midnight.


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